Know your team

Big Bay Events owes a huge part of our success to the team of lifeguards who have worked for us over the years.

Work hard, play hard and have fun have been the core elements in building a team of dedicated lifeguards who understand the responsibility of holding our swimmer’s lives in our hands every time we enter the ocean and inland waters.

Hats off to the many hours spent on the water taking care of our swimmers.

Blake Kelly – Skipper/Lifeguard

1- What do you enjoy about working for big bay events?

Working out at sea and being around incredibly inspiring athletes and motivated individuals never gets boring and no day is ever the same

2- How long have you been working for the Brand?

Roughly 8 years since my first event.

3- Do you have a favourite event?

Cape Point swims and Langebaan swim camps are by far my favourite.

4- Do you ever get bored during a crossing or event?

Occasionally there may be a boring day when not much happens but there is always the next feed to focus on or the possibility of an amazing dolphin or whale encounter to keep your eyes out for.

5- What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Being outdoors, surfing, hiking or just going out with friends