Below are a few of the comments from swimmers that we have worked with over the years.

Derrick Frazer has the calmest presence. And he is always keen to make things happen. He's got your back.
Zani Taitz
English Channel swimmer
Derrick Frazer is the ultimate waterman. Trust his judgement implicitly.
Richard Willmore
Open water swimmer
Derrick Frazer has so much experience and knows the coastline very well. He is very calm and always willing to help.
Cecilia Schutte
Original SA “Ice Queen”
If you are ever in South Africa and want to swim, don't look any further than Big Bay Events. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Andrea Mason
Extreme athlete
Swimming Robben Island was undoubtedly the toughest mental challenge I have ever completed. Derrick and Debbie Frazer made it manageable, and almost enjoyable.
Joel Stransky
former Springbok Rugby player
My proudest moment was standing on the French beach with Derrick and Debbie Frazer. We had done it!.
Kiki Marx
English Channel swimmer
Big Bay Events has made swimming in South Africa accessible, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe. I highly recommend them.
Ryan Stramrood
Robben Island record holder
You could not be in safer hands on the water!
Michelle Petring
Open water swimmer
The very best in the business!!!
Wendy Daffarn
Event organiser
Big Bay Events swim camps were invaluable. I gained experience and confidence, in addition to the actual swim training.
Sarah Ferguson
first person to swim around Easter Island