Adventure Swims

Adventure swims were born out of Covid Lockdown regulations, when our swimming community searched for an escape we delivered with our innovative adventure swims, opening virgin locations that simply blew everyone away.

Open water swimming was limited to formal events, registered channel crossings and same beach venues session after session until Covid regulations closed beaches & events forcing us to explore unchartered waters opening a wonderworld of fun, social swimming changing our perception of open water enjoyment.

Groups of swimmers are transferred from local launch sites to ever changing swimming spots in our quest to find safe and exciting bodies of open water. Groups of friends are formed to share the passion and new friendships are created as we discover mutual love for the open ocean.

We explore from Steenbras River mouth around to Cape Point within False Bay and from Chapman’s Peak to the V&A Waterfront on the Atlantic Coast. Some of our highlights include:

  • The wild zone from Caves to Gordons Bay
  • Kelp forests home to the filming of the Oscar award winning Octopus Teacher
  • Wild waters at Cape Point
  • Wonderland as you enter the deep Antonie’s Gat cave
  • Swimming and snorkelling with thousands of playful seals.
  • Exploring the frigid waters lapping against the Bos 400 wreck

Destinations and times are planned taking the weather and ocean forecasts into account and advertised on our social media pages. Be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates on the next trip.